MIT Edgerton Center/Meadowbrook EurekaLab Collaboration

The MIT Edgerton Center has joined with Meadowbrook in its initiative to integrate design thinking and making into the curriculum, professional development, and school culture. In return, Meadowbrook will be a testing site for the Edgerton Center for developing K-8 curriculum and serve as a model program for future independent school collaborations. 

The team from the Edgerton Center will help Meadowbrook faculty in developing integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum and providing counsel on physical space needed to adequately deliver the curriculum.

Meadowbrook will provide opportunities for observation of classroom best practices, and quantifiable data as the Edgerton Center explores its own recommendations for STEAM curriculum in grades K-8. In addition, Meadowbrook teachers will have the opportunity to serve as instructors at I2 Camp – a middle school STEM summer camp in which Edgerton Center curriculum is in place. Finally, when the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) conference is held in Boston next year, Meadowbrook and the Edgerton Center will work together to present a workshop on implementing a K-8 STEAM curriculum.