The EurekaLab is focused on incorporating the following five areas (the Big 5) into K-8 education.


Meadowbrook has a long tradition of experiential learning. The Magic Forest, Woodyville, Fine Arts, Robotics, and countless other experiences exemplify our commitment to learning by doing. In this same rich heritage, as we embark upon this path towards STEAM, we honor our past. These tools and processes will allow Meadowbrook to more fully realize its mission and core values as these key areas are blended into student-driven, passion-oriented projects. Meadowbrook has always leaned forward, searching for new methods and tools to be successful in producing excellent students. While embracing many innovative initiatives, Meadowbrook has been critical as well, always evaluating whether a initiative brings true value to the school. The EurekaLab is a center of innovation that aims to be incorporated into every aspect of life at Meadowbrook. 

Design Thinking

After being exposed to design thinking, students and faculty will naturally use the process to tackle other problems they experience. The EurekaLab focuses on the process instead of covering content or creating a product, offering a balance to the pressure our students may feel from a variety of fronts to focus purely on performance. While not abandoning a high focus on achievement, students will learn the importance of focusing on process. The products of learning are important, but equally as important is instilling a process that students will utilize throughout life. 


The EurekaLab is a natural hot bed of creativity as students create prototypes, discuss and share ideas, and learn creation tools. But when given the opportunity to follow a passion or scratch a creative itch, students become energized. An important part of learning is play, and tinkering with technology allows students to build a life-long passion that will propel them into careers with lasting impact in the future. Creativity is a core aspect of being human, and allowing students the opportunity to share their creations with the Meadowbrook community and the world at large fuels their passion and results in a continual cycle of creativity. 


When students are creating solutions for existing problems, entrepreneurship is a natural by-product. In a traditional school setting, students aren’t given the opportunity to create solutions and businesses. Entrepreneurship must be nurtured and encouraged, and the EurkeaLab can offer a tinder box of ideas. By teaching the skills that are essential to creating a business, our students will be comfortable exploring the natural conclusion to many of the solutions they will create - offering those solutions to others. 

Service Learning

Through the EurekaLab, students will build deep empathy with those in need while prototyping, creating, and distributing solutions designed to help others. Dovetailing with Meadowbrook’s focus on the global classroom and social-emotional learning, the eurkeaLab will be a natural extension of these themes - fully expressed as students bring solutions to life.